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Tips for Wading Through Online Subscriptions and Why Bother?!

by Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A., SKDesigns

Copyright © 1999-2021, Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A., SKDesigns. All rights reserved. Published at with permission.

Editor note February, 2008: Don't let the 1999 copyright date fool you. This article still applies today and isn't at all outdated.

I subscribe to dozens of online discussion lists, newsletters and belong to several professional organizations related to Web site design and development. How can I possibly have time for all that email when I'm also busy running a full time business (as well as still having time for a personal life)?

You don't think you have time for subscribing to discussion lists or newsletters? Even if you did, why take the time?

Here are a few important reasons:

I developed a system to participate in and also learn valuable information from them. This is what I do:

A system enables me to take advantage of the valuable information and other benefits of online subscriptions without taking up too much time. I hope these tips are helpful to you as well.

Interested in finding a list for business or personal interests? For Web site topics, check out the listing of annotated resources to discussion lists, newsletters and more at

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