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HomeSite's Find and Replace Tools, Part 1

The Find Tool

by Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A.

Copyright © 2001-2021, Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A., SKDesigns. All rights reserved. Published at with permission.

 HomeSite Keyboard Shortcuts
FindCtrl + F
ReplaceCtrl + R
Shift + Ctrl + F
Shift + Ctrl + R

HomeSite's basic Find feature helps you find content on the currently active, open page. Its quick, easy interface is perfect for this targeted use. Later in this tutorial, we'll also use the Extended Find feature in Part 3 to find content over more than one page or an entire Project.

Note that even though this tutorial was written with HomeSite 4.5.2 in mind that it also applies to HomeSite 5.x versions and to earlier versions.

For purposes of this tutorial we'll pretend that you've been working on a document in HomeSite and need to go back and add some content. To find where it needs to go, you remember that the last word in the paragraph was 'imagination.' Let's find it with HomeSite's Find feature.

  1. From the drop-down menu, Click on Search, and then click on Find, as shown in Example 1.1.

    HomeSite Example 1.1, Find, drop-down menu Example 1.1


    Keyboard shortcut: Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+F, which will open the Find pop-up box in one step.

    There are several options available within the Find pop-up box, with the Default settings shown in Example 1.2 above.

    You can choose the direction for HomeSite to search up or down the page by clicking on the Up or Down radio buttons.

    You can also choose Match whole words and Match case to help narrow your search.

  2. A pop-up box will appear, as shown in Example 1.2 below.

    HomeSite Example 1.2, Find pop-up box Example 1.2

  3. In the text box, type the word 'imagination,' and click Find Next, as shown in Example 1.2 above.


    Additionally, HomeSite stores the last several word searches, which you can access in the pop-up box's text area drop-down menu, as shown in Example 1.3 below.

    You can select a word in the drop-down menu by clicking on it with your mouse.

    HomeSite Example 1.3, Word selection drop-down menu Example 1.3

  4. When HomeSite finds the first 'imagination,' it highlights it for you, bringing the word within the viewing screen if it wasn't already, as shown in Example 1.4 below.

    Example 1.4

  5. Perhaps that wasn't the correct 'imagination' where you were previously working. So you can click on Find Next again, and HomeSite will advance to the next location of the word, 'imagination.'

    If you reach the bottom of the document, a pop-up window with the following question will ask you if you'd like to proceed from the top of the document, as shown in Example 1.5. Click Yes.

    HomeSite Example 1.5, Confirm box for proceeding from top of document Example 1.5

  6. If you continue to click on Find Next, eventually a pop-up box will appear to let you know that there aren't any more occurrences of the term, 'imagination,' as shown in Example 1.6. below.

    HomeSite Example 1.6, no more occurrences pop-up box Example 1.6

Troubleshooting TIPS:

What if HomeSite doesn't find what you're looking for? Here are a few common causes:

  1. spelling inconsistencies or typos,
  2. syntax differences,
  3. you've added an extra space in the Find text box,
  4. what you're looking for isn't actually on the currently active, open page, and perhaps an Extended Find would be more appropriate,
  5. low computer resources. See Tip below.


October 2000: After you've been using HomeSite for awhile, it may start popping up messages that you're low on resources or other similar messages. There's a memory leak problem with HomeSite 4 versions that's being resolved in a beta testing right now (whew!).

For now, restarting the computer typically resolves the problem. The good news is that the beta testing will be completed within a few weeks and a patch will be available. I'll post a notice about that when it's available.

Later update: This issue has been resolved in later versions. If you're still using version 4, consider upgrading.

See also the Troubleshooting Tips section within Part 5: Tips for Success.

With HomeSite's Find tool, you'll typically be able to find the content within a fraction of a second, much faster than if you scan the document yourself.

The Replace Tool works in a similar way, as you'll see in Part 2: The Replace Tool.

HomeSite icon You can download a fully functional trial version of HomeSite through Macromedia's Web site.

Disclaimer: and owner/editor Shirley Kaiser have no monetary affiliation with Macromedia or HomeSite.

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