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HomeSite's Find and Replace Tools, Part 4

The Extended Replace Tool

by Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A.

Copyright © 2001-2021, Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A., SKDesigns. All rights reserved. Published at with permission.

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Learning how to use this powerful tool confidently and effectively is really the key to saving the hundreds of hours that's truly possible mentioned in the Introduction.

In Part 2, you learned how to use HomeSite's Replace Tool. The Extended Replace Tool has even more powerful capabilities. HomeSite's Extended Replace tool finds and replaces the text within one page, a few pages, or even hundreds of pages that you designate, whether open or closed. Just as the Extended Find tool generates a report, the Extended Replace tool also provides a report listing of all replacements to all pages and locations for you, and a double-click will take you to that location.

This powerful tool is fairly easy and straightforward to learn to use, especially building upon what you've already learned in the previous parts of this series.

Note that even though this tutorial was written with HomeSite 4.5.2 in mind that it also applies to HomeSite 5.x versions and to earlier versions.

For purposes of this tutorial, we'll continue using the 'imagination' term, this time replacing it with 'creative aspirations' in the document.

  1. From the drop-down menu, Click on Search, and then click on Extended Replace.
  2. The Extended Replace pop-up box will appear, as shown in Example 4.1 below.

    Click on image for full version. Example 4.1

    As you can probably see, the Extended Replace pop-box is nearly identical to the Extended Find pop-up box.


    Keyboard shortcut: Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut, Shift+Ctrl+R, which will open the Extended Replace pop-up box in one step.

    Like the Extended Find pop-up box, by clicking on the Find what arrow, the menu opens up, allowing you to open an existing search text file or save the current search.

    You can replace one single word or entire paragraphs of text.

    HomeSite Example 3.2, find what choices Example 4.2

    By clicking on one or more of the checkboxes shown in Example 4.3, you can also provide parameters for your search, such as Match case, Regular expressions, Skip tags while searching, and Make backups.

    Important note:
    Notice the Make backups checkbox? That little checkbox can be a major life-saver for you if your replacing doesn't go quite like you'd hoped. I'd suggest checking that checkbox, especially while you're getting used to using this powerful tool. It's far easier to later delete all the unnecessary backups than to go back and reconstruct everything that had gotten replaced by mistake.

    HomeSite Extended Find check boxes, match case, regular expressions, skip tags, Make backups Example 4.3

    To get used to using the Extended Replace tool, I'd suggest opening up one of your HTML files, making a backup, and then experimenting. Try different search terms, replacing various words, sentences and paragraphs and see what happens.

    Like the Extended Find pop-up box, you can also choose documents to include in the Extended Replace by clicking on one of the radio button choices under Find where, as shown in Example 4.4. Choose Current document, All open documents, In folder (including or excluding subfolders), or In project (and indicate name and location of Homesite project).

    HomeSite Extmple 3.4, Find where screenshot, current document, all open documents, in folder, in project Example 4.4

  3. In the Replace with box, type 'creative aspirations.'
  4. After you've selected the documents to include, click on Replace. The results will be generated in a Results report in the bottom screen window of HomeSite, as shown in Example 4.5 below.
  5. Click on any of the listings to see the highlighted term and its location within the document.

    Click on image for full version.
    HomeSite Extmple 4.5, Results of replace Example 4.5

We've now covered the main highlights of using these tools. Part 5 will cover extra tips and tricks I've found that can help make the desired results easier to achieve.

See also the Troubleshooting Tips section at Part 5: Tips for Success.

HomeSite icon You can download a fully functional trial version of HomeSite through Macromedia's Web site.

Disclaimer: and owner/editor Shirley Kaiser have no monetary affiliation with Macromedia or HomeSite.

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