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Use Online Marketing Strategy To Get More Clients

By Biana Babinsky

Online Business Consultant, Expert and Author

What is your online marketing strategy? Does it consist of doing a single marketing task every once in a while?

You need to market your online business on a regular basis if you want to get tangible results (more Web site traffic and more customers) from marketing your business online.

Back in the 90's I was not consistent with marketing my business. I would optimize my Web site every year and I would write a single article every six months. I had some Web site traffic and some sales, but they were not very consistent.

My Web site traffic started increasing steadily and I was getting more and more sales on a regular basis once I stopped my random marketing campaign and created an online marketing plan that I followed consistently.

Here is how you can create an online marketing strategy to bring in steady Web site traffic and sales:

Having an online marketing strategy and following it consistently is the only way to gain more Web site traffic and more clients online.

About the Author

Biana Babinsky is the online business expert who teaches coaches, consultants and other service professionals how to create an effective online marketing strategy and use it to get more clients online! Discover how to create an online marketing strategy for your business at the exclusive members-only online business coaching program at

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