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VisiBone HTML and Color Popups

HTML Popup These handy popups by VisiBone will open a separate window to the left side of your screen for quick reference and will get out of your way and hide as soon as you click on another window screen, ready for when you need it next.

color chart popup Use these popups online, or download the Desktop Popup zip file below to use them offline. Big thanks to VisiBone for this wonderful free service mirrored here (with permission) for your convenience. wholeheartedly recommends VisiBone's exceptional tools, well known in the design community.

HTML Popup

html popup The HTML Popup by VisiBone is a tall skinny on-screen quick reference showing all HTML tags and attributes in use or universal.


  1. color-coded indications of support by Netscape®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer and W3C®,
  2. style sheet alternatives, and
  3. bug and clash icons with details online.

Netscape users:
Problems with the online version? Download the Desktop Popup version.

Note: Graphics intensive - allow for loading.

(Click here for popup window)

The HTML Popup is actually an excerpt from VisiBone's new VisiBone HTML Card that's been formatted for this handy popup. It's truly an exceptional reference and comes as a 4-sided 8.5"x11" laminated card or 18"x24" coated wall chart. Check out the details at the VisiBone Web site.

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Color Popups

color chart popup The Color Popups show all 216 Web-safe colors in a wheel, the same arrangement as the VisiBone2 swatch libraries shipped in Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®, BBEdit® and The Gimp.

The same arrangement is used in the well-known VisiBone Color Card. VisiBone also offers mousepads and wall charts, all in the highest quality and are superb references. I have one of each and give them as gifts, too. The quality is unsurpassed and they're beautiful.

(Click here for popup windows)

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Desktop Popup Install:

You're welcome to download the files to your computer and use them directly from your desktop.

  1. Unzip to a directory on your hard disk or network (using PKZip, WinZip or ZipIt).
  2. Windows: From that directory, right-click-drag deskpop.htm to your desktop, choose “Create Shortcut Here”. Rename (F2) to “VisiBone Popups”.
  3. Mac: ((Please email VisiBone to help figure out what should go here.)).

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Mirror on Your Web Site:

Interested in providing a mirror version of these popups? Here are the files to do so. Please contact VisiBone if you have questions.

  1. Unzip to your Web server (using PKZip, WinZip or ZipIt).
  2. Link to index.htm (or modify or rewrite).

Terms Of Use: By activating a VisiBone Popup you agree to the following: 1. To get a lot of use out of it. 2. To distribute it anywhere you please. 3. To create Web sites that are (select all that apply): useful, entertaining, lucrative, inspiring, cool, joyful, righteous, gorgeous, hilarious, hideous, reverent, irreverant, sinful, sublime, profound, frivolous, radical, seductive, erudite, pioneering. 4. To ask before modifying a popup.

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