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Sherlock Holmes A Sherlock Holmes drive for finding anything on the Internet, love for Web design and development, and a gigantic curiosity and thirst for knowledge all led to the creation and continuing growth of is owned, created, designed, and developed by Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns, Web Site Design and Development.

Once launched to the public, it rapidly became a well known and popular site among Web designers, developers, site owners, educators, and students throughout the world. This was tremendous inspiration and motivation to build it up further and to continue to make it even better.

The ultimate goal of is to help people to easily find high quality online resources on Web site design topics, such as Web site design and development, running a Web site design business, and owning and managing a Web site. is highly selective about resources listed so that visitors know they'll always find top-notch, credible, reliable information.

See also the Colophon for information about the design and behind-the-scenes development.

Note of Clarification

  • This site is NOT (and never has been) an automated submission listing site, and ONLY includes annotated resources to quality Web sites related to Web design that have been personally visited, reviewed, and added by hand by's owner and editor.
  • only includes links to sites that provide helpful information and value for our visitors.
  • does not accept payment (and never has) for any of our 2,500+ high quality annotated listings.

A Little History began in 1996 to provide clients and colleagues with a few helpful links. So I created a small Web design section within my Internet Resources site, a small and humble personal site. Eventually the Web design section grew large enough to warrant its own Web site, resulting in the purchase of the domain name June, 1997.

From 1997 through 1999 I spent literally thousands of hours of research building up the available and continually updated information, with the ultimate goal of promoting the site as a major resource to help others interested in building, owning, or promoting Web sites.

1999 the site was made publicly available, having grown to over 1,000 annotated resources and nearly a dozen tutorials at the site.

Since then has received an incredibly warm reception and praise from colleagues, clients, and visitors as being a valuable resource to the Internet community.

May of 2001 another metamorphosis began behind the scenes. The results vastly increased the resources once again by adding several new categories and sections and expanding the existing resources. This expansion was completed late August, 2001.

Fall of 2001 book recommendations were added to the sidebar of many of the sections, with more added regularly. Almost every book is in my personal library and I wholeheartedly recommend them, and those that aren't in my personal library come highly recommended by my colleagues and well respected experts.

March 20, 2006 brought the launch of a new design, vastly improved information architecture, and streamlining behind the scenes with server-side programming to help make its development and maintenance easier, more convenient, and more efficient. A new Recommended Books section was added as a convenient area for all the books and software recommendations found throughout the site.

28 November, 2006 brought the launch of a new design inspired by rich wood paneling I photographed in gorgeous libraries and castles throughout Europe. The new design was launched only 8 months after the March overhaul and major relaunch. Why the new design? The emphasis of the March relaunch was on the information architecture, updating all the content, and the behind-the-scenes improvements. I knew then that I would revisit the design and either build on that one or create something different. I opted for a totally different visual design, although the layout and structure is still based on all the work I did for the March relaunch. See the Colophon for more on the design.

15 July, 2007 brought the launch of Google AdSense ads, slowly adding ads throughout the site over the next month or two. Monetizing the site was a long overdue, major, and important change for

Where Things Are Now

At this point, around 2,500 annotated resources are available from all over the Internet and the world, along with over 60 tutorials and tips at and a regular column that I moved to its own weblog / blog site, Brainstorms & Raves with the latest news, thoughts, brainstorms, and more about Web site design, development, and usually related tidbits.

See the Colophon section for details about the new design and what goes on behind the scenes.

Goals and Wishes

The desire, goal, and intent for remains to continue to maintain and build further its already strong reputation as a valuable and reliable resource of high quality information for Web site owners, designers, developers, educators, and students throughout the world.

As owner and editor of, I welcome and invite comments, suggestions, submission requests, and whatever is on your mind about Feel free to contact me any time.

This site is here for you to enjoy and to help you find some of the best information available, especially so you don't have to spend hours looking. It truly makes my day if is indeed helpful to you in some way.

Shirley Kaiser
Editor and Owner,

and Owner, SKDesigns
Web Site Design and Development

Updated 23 January, 2008

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