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Professional organizations related to Web design and development and Web-related fields are listed below.

Another way to connect with other professionals or others with common interests is through email discussion lists, and newsgroups. Check out's listing via the Discussion Lists, Newsgroups, and Forums section.

Do you know of some great professional organizations related to Web design and development or Web-related professions? Recommendations are welcome and encouraged!

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In addition to learning more about each association, organization, non-profit group at their respective Web sites, most provide online membership submissions, along with helpful articles, information, and helpful resources.

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Books on Web Design Business, Graphic Design Business, Small Business Recommended by

  •  The Business Side of Creativity: The Complete Guide to Running a Small Graphic Design or Communications Business, Third Updated Edition. by Cameron S. Foote. Norton (9-18-2006). 
  • The Graphic Design Business Book, by Tad Crawford 
  • Graphic Artists Guild Handbook : Pricing & Ethical Guidelines, 11th Ed. 2003 
  • Artists & Graphic Designers Market 2007. By Mary Cox, Michael Schweer 

Read short reviews and find more book recommendations on Web site-related topics in our Recommended Books, Software section!

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