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Font Tools, Typography Tools, Software, Utilities

The Font, Typography Tools section includes links to font/type creation and editing software, font conversion tools, and font management software, font viewers, and helpful font utilities.

In addition, do you need to match an existing font for a project but you're not sure what it is? Do you have a graphic, logo or other sample of a font but don't know what it's called? Are you trying to locate a specific font but you're not sure who makes it? You'll also find resources below to help identify fonts and for font-specialized search engines.

Font Creation or Conversion Software

The font creation, editing, and conversion software below are well received and popular. For tutorials on their use, see's Web Resources Typography Articles, Tutorials, and Books on Typography section.

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Font Management Software Programs, Viewers, Utilities

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Identify Fonts

Online Tools to Help Identify Fonts

Have a graphic, logo or other sample of a font but don't know what it's called? Check one of these sites to help.

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Software to Help Identify Fonts

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Find Fonts Online: Font Specialized Search Engines

Check one of these font searches with keywords or if you know the name of a font but need the foundry.

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