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This Graphics Software category section provides annotated links to helpful articles, tutorials, and programs for Macromedia (Adobe) Freehand, CorelDRAW, The Gimp, Trellian, Xara, and more.

Note 17 May, 2007: Looking for Adobe Illustrator? That section now has its own page:
Adobe Illustrator: Articles, Tutorials, Actions, Brushes, Discussion Lists, Resources, Books, Software

Do you know of some good articles, tutorials, books, or resources related to Web graphics, or graphics programs? Recommendations are welcome and appreciated!

Adobe - Macromedia Freehand

Macromedia FreeHand, Macromedia Freehand MX Macromedia's popular vector graphics program. As mentioned elsewhere at this site, Adobe purchased Macromedia, so for the time being you'll find product information and references around the Web under one or both company names for the previously Macromedia products.

Note May, 2007: Macromedia merged with Adobe during 2006, and Freehand is now discontinued, although support for existing Freehand MX will continue for now. Adobe recommends Illustrator and offers special upgrade pricing for Freehand users:
Adobe - Macromedia Freehand Product Information, Help, Tutorials (via Adobe - Macromedia)
FreeHand Tutorials and Resources

In addition to those provided by Adobe, Macromedia above, here are some articles, tutorials, and resources around the 'Net on FreeHand.

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Other Graphics Programs

While there are countless graphics programs available, the annotated links within this section below are especially suited to creating graphics for the Web. These are in addition to those already listed at this site, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Adobe FireWorks (was Macromedia Fireworks), Multimedia and Animation Programs (such as Adobe Flash (was Macromedia Flash), Adobe Illustrator (above), and Macromedia FreeHand (above).

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Other Web Sites with Web Graphics Software Resources

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