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Google AdSense Tutorials, Tips

After researching quite a bit to understand Google AdSense and how to best implement and optimize AdSense contextual ads for several Web sites, I'm not at all surprised to see that a major key to generating revenue with AdSense contextual ads is the critical importance of interesting, keyword rich content and solid search engine optimization. Great content helps to draw visitors to your site, which in turn brings in the traffic to help your site generate revenue. Optimizing your site for AdSense helps AdSense serve appropriate contextual ads. SEO, SEM, of course, can help your site show up on the first page of search engine results. They all work together.

I was also struck by the tremendous volume of “how to get rich quick” schemes using Google AdSense. If you've done any 'Google AdSense' searches or other searches for how to monetize your website, you've already seen what I mean.

The good news is that the Google AdSense section below provides annotated links to truly helpful information about Google AdSense, monetizing your site using AdSense, and how to make money with AdSense. Within this section you'll find links to official Google AdSense information, tutorials on optimizing AdSense and your sites for maximum results, helpful AdSense tutorials, AdSense for blogs, AdSense arbitrage, AdSense case studies, AdSense tools, such as blocking MFAs (Made for AdSense sites) and ad tracking tools, online forums on AdSense, and Web sites and blogs that cover AdSense and other affiliate programs.

See also Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) here at

Do you have suggestions, recommendations for helpful, insightful AdSense tutorials, information, AdSense tools, blogs, books, or other resources? Recommendations and suggestions are welcome and appreciated! We'll also thank you by adding a credit link to your site (only with your OK), of course.

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Google AdSense General Information, Tutorials

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Optimize Your Site for AdSense

Straight from Google - Tips to Optimize Your Site for AdSense

For ad placements for forum sites along with a Forum Heat Map, see the section below, Optimizing AdSense for Forum Sites.

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General Tutorials, Articles on AdSense Optimizing

The annotated links in this section each cover the broad topic of optimizing AdSense, covering many areas. Following this section are sections on specific areas of optimization: ad formats / sizes, ad placement /locations, ad management, tracking ad clicks, optimizing content, keywords, using AdSense competitive ad filters, dramatic shifts up or down in AdSense earnings, optimizing forum sites, optimizing blogs, and more.

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Tutorials, Tips on AdSense Ad Formats / Sizes, Ad Placement / Locations for Optimization

Where should you place your ads? What sizes or formats earn the most money? How many ads should you have per page? These tutorials address these specific issues.

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Tutorials, Tips on AdSense Ad Management, Tracking Ad Clicks for Optimization

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Tutorials, Tips on Optimizing Content, Keywords to Optimize AdSense

While some of the listings within Tutorials, Articles on AdSense Optimizing also cover content and keywords, these listings are specifically about this topic.

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Tutorials, Tips on Using AdSense Competitive Ad Filters for Optimization

While some of the listings within Tutorials, Articles on AdSense Optimizing also cover filtering ads, these listings are specifically about this topic. Should you filter out MFAs and low-paying ads in addition to competitors? Many feel it's worthwhile and increases their earnings, while some don't. See these articles and forum discussions to help you decide.

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Tutorials, Tips on AdSense Earnings and Optimization: Dramatic Shifts Up or Down

While it's common knowledge that AdSense earnings will fluctuate, you might find that your earnings take a dramatic drop and wonder what happened and why. On the other hand, if your earnings skyrocket, you need to make sure that someone hasn't hijacked your site and its AdSense ads. Here are some articles/tutorials on how to handle these issues.

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Tutorials, Tips on Optimizing AdSense for Forum Sites

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AdSense for Audio: Tutorials, Tips

AdSense for Blogs: Case Studies, Tutorials, and Tips

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AdSense for Video: Reviews, Tutorials, Tips

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Google AdSense Arbitrage

See also Google AdWords Google AdWords Search Arbitrage here at

What is “Arbitrage?” Some Definitions

Articles, Tutorials about AdSense Arbitrage

See also Google AdWords Google AdWords Search Arbitrage here at

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Google AdSense Click Fraud

For more on click fraud, see also Online Marketing Tutorials Tutorials, Articles on Preventing Click Fraud, Pay-per-click Anti-fraud Strategies.

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An AdSense Case Study

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Disclosure Regarding Affiliate Programs

[*note] Links thus marked are to sites for which has signed up for an affiliate program - such as Trellian's Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker, and Aaron Wall's SEO Book.

Since already had links to their sites anyway and because they have strong reputations for being good, worthwhile products,'s owner, editor went ahead and signed up for their affiliate programs late summer of 2007.

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  • continues to add ONLY quality resources, regardless of the above affiliate programs that comprise only a handful of links out of our 2,500+ resources.
  • Like any other helpful resources, continues to add new annotated resources discovered that we feel would be helpful to visitors, whether or not they are related to our very short list of affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate text links anywhere at that aren't otherwise clearly noted as an ad or a sponsor are duly noted with the above [*note] link.
  • In addition, effective 04 November, 2007 all affiliate links now permanently include rel="nofollow" tags, a recently added requirement to Google's Webmaster Guidelines for “paid links.”

For more information on “paid links” and the use of rel="nofollow", see Potential Penalties or Banning by Search Engines and Directories here at

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