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Want to make your images load faster? Need to speed up your page load times, streamline and optimize your photographs, Web graphics, and images?

Many of us already consider optimizing images for Web use by reducing the file sizes as much as possible without noticeable visual degradation. Another aspect of optimizing images is their actual use, such as combining several icons into one image and using CSS for presentation or using one background image for several purposes, also using CSS positioning. Below are tutorials on various approaches to optimizing Web site images and their use, including tutorials specifically for optimizing images in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and compressing and optimizing Adobe Flash files.

Within the Graphics Optimization, Optimize Images section below, you'll find helpful resources to articles, tutorials, and tools to show you how to optimize your images to reduce their file sizes without degrading how they appear on your Web sites, along with smart ways to combine images using CSS (CSS image sprites), and compressing and optimizing multimedia files.Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets. By Andrew B. King. O'Reilly (07-08-2008)Your pages can load faster, you'll save bandwidth, reduce file sizes, reduce server space, and much more by optimizing your Web site's performance.

Know of some good articles, tutorials, books, or resources related to Web site optimization or server-side compression? Recommendations are welcome and encouraged!

Web Site Optimization Books
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  • Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets. By Andrew B. King. O'Reilly (07-08-2008)
  •  High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers, by Steve Souders. O'Reilly (09-11-2007) 
  • Building Scalable Web Sites: Building, scaling, optimizing next generation web applications. by Cal Henderson. O'Reilly (05-2006). 

Read short descriptions, reviews in the Web Resources Website Optimization section.

Read short reviews and find more book recommendations on Web site-related topics in our Recommended Books, Software section!

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Optimize Web Site Images

The tutorials here either cover more than one graphics software or are targeted for image optimization in general. See also below, Optimize Web Site Images Using Paint Shop Pro and Optimize Web Site Images Using Photoshop.

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Optimize Web Site Images Using Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks CS3Originally targeted especially for images for computer screen use, including Web site images, Adobe Fireworks (formerly Macromedia Fireworks) can often do a better job of optimizing images for Web sites than Adobe Photoshop.

Optimize Web Site Images Using Adobe Photoshop

Optimize Web Site Images Using Corel Paint Shop Pro

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Optimize Web Site Images Use

Optimize Web Site Images Use with CSS Sprites

A technique that combines several images into one image and uses CSS for presentation.

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Optimize Adobe Flash, Adobe Flash Compression

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Web Sites, Web Site Sections Devoted to Graphics Optimization

Web Site Images Optimization Tools

The tools listed below are either standalone tools or plugins. Note that many graphics software programs include image optimization within them, including Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and others.

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