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Potential Penalties or Banning by Search Engines and Directories

 Search Engine Gears Collage Within the Potential Penalties or Banning by Search Engines and Directories section below, you'll find articles and tutorials on the latest with potential bans and penalties by search engines and directories, what to avoid, how to file reinclusion requests, paid links issues, and more.

Search Engine Penalties, Banning in General

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Google Penalties, Banning from SERPs

There are many types of Google penalties. This section is for Google penalties in general, so see also sections below for specific penalties: Google's “-30” Penalties, Google's “-950” Penalties, and Google's Paid Links Penalties.

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Google's “-30” Penalties

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Google's “-950” Penalties

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Google's Paid Links Penalties

This section includes Google and paid links issues and penalties, especially Google's October 2007 paid link penalties to PageRank and to SERPs but also earlier paid links penalties. For Google's official FAQ about buying and selling links, see the entry below, Why should I report paid links..., finally updated around 22 November, 2007, months after Google actually started penalizing sites - see the entry about this below, Update on one of Google's paid links....

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Yahoo! Penalties, Quality Guidelines

See also SEO, SEM Tools Helpful Charts About Search Engines and Search Directories and Free Page Rank, Search Engine Rankings Analysis Tools and more tools to analyze and help show potential penalties and more.

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Disclosure Regarding Affiliate Programs

[*note] Links thus marked are to sites for which has signed up for an affiliate program - such as Trellian's Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker, and Aaron Wall's SEO Book.

Since already had links to their sites anyway and because they have strong reputations for being good, worthwhile products,'s owner, editor went ahead and signed up for their affiliate programs late summer of 2007.

  • had links to these sites prior to signing up for these affiliate programs.
  • and its owner don't get paid anything for:
    • including any of the affiliate program links at
    • listing these sites at
    • anyone clicking on the affiliate program links.
  • and its owner do get an affiliate payment if and only if someone signs up for the affiliate product within a short time period after visiting those sites from the links on this page.
  • continues to add ONLY quality resources, regardless of the above affiliate programs that comprise only a handful of links out of our 2,500+ resources.
  • Like any other helpful resources, continues to add new annotated resources discovered that we feel would be helpful to visitors, whether or not they are related to our very short list of affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate text links anywhere at that aren't otherwise clearly noted as an ad or a sponsor are duly noted with the above [*note] link.
  • In addition, effective 04 November, 2007 all affiliate links now permanently include rel="nofollow" tags, a recently added requirement to Google's Webmaster Guidelines for “paid links.”

For more information on “paid links” and the use of rel="nofollow", see Potential Penalties or Banning by Search Engines and Directories here at

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