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Reference Charts, Meta Editors & Automated Tools, Search Engine Spider Simulators, Search Engine Submission Programs & Tools

This SEO, SEM Tools section includes annotated links to helpful search engine and search directory reference charts, free and commercial tools for Meta element tags, search engine spider simulators, search engine submissions and tracking, and free and commercial tools for creating search engine friendly sitemaps.

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Do you have favorite SEO, SEM tools? Do you know of helpful tools to help with optimizing Web sites for search engines, tools for analyzing, tracking keywords and key phrases, for managing links, or other helpful SEO, SEM-related tools? Recommendations and suggestions for SEO, SEM-related tools are welcome and appreciated!

Helpful Charts About Search Engines and Search Directories

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Free Meta Element Editors, Automated Tools

For more HTML-related tools, see HTML HTML Tools.

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Free Online Search Engine Spider Simulators

What do search engine spiders see when they visit your Web site? You can use these tools to check your pages to get an idea.

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Free Duplicate Content Analysis Tools

Whether or not any of the search engines penalize or devalue duplicate content, it's nonetheless helpful to see if any of your content might be considered duplicate content so you can make sure your content is unique and more interesting.

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Free Page Rank, Search Engine Rankings Analysis Tools

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Search Engine Spam Analysis, Detection Tools

See also SEO, SEM Tutorials Potential Penalties or Banning by Search Engines and Directories for helpful tutorials on potential penalties or banning by search engines.

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Free and Commercial Robots.txt Tools

See also SEO, SEM Tutorials Design and Development for Search Engines Web Robots and Robots Exclusion.

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Search Engine Submission Programs, Tools

Editor note March 2006: Note that the tools listed below might include optional automated submissions to search engines and directories, which could result in your site being penalized or even permanently removed from search engine or directory listings. Be sure to always read the guidelines and warnings for each search engine or directory for which you wish to use any automated submission features - that will help you stay informed and avoid potential penalty problems.

For more on this, see SEO, SEM » Articles, Tutorials » Design and Development for Search Engines.

Aside from this potential problem, the tools below can help you manage your Web site's SEO, SEM, and be quite helpful.

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Sitemapping Tools for Search Engines

Sitemaps with text links to important pages at your site can be helpful for search engine crawlers. In addition, Google uses an XML-based sitemap. The list below provides tools to help with creating sitemaps.

In addition, other sitemapping tools will create sitemaps in a variety of formats, such as Powermapper and others, including XML-based sitemaps. See also's section, Information Architecture Software for Information Architecture, Sitemapping.

Sitemapping Tools for Google's Sitemap Protocol

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