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Section 2: Free, Commercial Web Site Link Checking Tools

Online Link Checkers, Downloadable Link Checking Software

The Link Checking Tools section below provides annotated links to commercial and free Web site link checking software and tools for online use or as downloadable link checking software.

Do you know of some helpful online tools, software, Web sites, books, or other resources related to checking links? Recommendations are welcome and encouraged!

Commercial Web Site Link Checking Software, Tools

Commercial Web Site Link Checking Software

Many HTML programs come with a link checking feature. They may or may not be as robust as needed, however, especially for a larger site with many links. Some of the programs below may offer more features than the link checking features within the HTML programs, too, such as WebQA, by Watchfire.

Note: In's testing of these, while most will find dead links fine, some of these programs handle redirected links unpredictably or ignore them (some have settings to ignore or not ignore them so be sure to check that, too). While some redirected links are inconsequential, many redirected links mean that you need to update your links; therefore, redirected links should not be overlooked. In addition, human intervention is still a good idea, too. For example, Web site owners don't always use the proper server-side codes for changed links or removed pages, which automated tools rely on.

Software programs that come with link checking software already included are CSE HTML Validator, Macromedia HomeSite and Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver). See the Web Authoring / HTML Editors section for more.

Commercial Online Web Site Link Checkers

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Free Web Site Link Checking Tools

Free Web Site Link Checking Software

Free Online Web Site Link Checkers

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