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Typography Organizations, Web Sites, and Resources

The Typography Organizations, Web Sites, and Resources section includes annotated links to typography organizations, Web sites, Web site sections, or weblogs / blogs devoted to typography, and other resources. Some typography organizations are dedicated to promoting typefaces as creative works, advocating their legal protection as intellectual property, some are dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of type, its history and development, its use in the world of print and digital imagery, its designers, and its admirers, while others are promote excellence in typography and invite typographers, graphic designers, art directors, multimedia professionals, and others to join and take part. In addition you'll find Web sites, Web site sections, and weblogs /blogs on typography.

Do you know of any good typography-related organizations, helpful Web sites, weblogs / blogs, articles, tutorials, books, or other resources related to typography or fonts for Web sites? Recommendations are welcome and encouraged!

Typography Organizations

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Books on Typography and Design
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  •  Avant-Garde Page Design 1900-1950, by Jaroslav Andel. Delano (6-2001) 
  • Book cover: Logo Font & Lettering Bible, by Leslie Cabarga. 
  • Thinking with Type. by Ellen Lupton 
  • Great Web Typography, by Wendy Peck; Wiley Publishers 2003.
  •  Cover: The Elements of Typographic Style, by Robert Bringhurst 
  •  New Typographic Design, by Roger Fawcett-Tang. Yale Univ. Press (5-21-2007) 
  •  Cover - Design with Type. by Carl Dair. University of Toronto Press (June 14, 2000). 
  • The The Non-Designer's Type Book, 2nd Ed., By Robin Williams. Peachpit (9-22-2005).

Read short reviews and find more book recommendations on Web site-related topics in our Recommended Books, Software section!

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Web Sites, Web Site Sections, and Weblogs (Blogs) on Typography

While some Web sites are totally devoted to typography, others provide devoted sections of their Web sites to typography. Also included below are other Web sites that provide listings of typography resources.

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Other Typography Links Resources

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