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Typography Tools - Reference Charts, Online Tools, Software, and More

The Typography Tools - Reference Charts, Online Tools, Software, and More section includes annotated links to typography and fonts software, including font creation or conversion software, font management software programs, viewers, utilities, and software to help identify fonts. You'll also find listings to helpful font reference charts, cross-browser, cross-platform font references, online font tools, printed font references, and more.

See also Fontsto Font, Typography Tools.

Do you have favorite typography tools, reference charts, articles, tutorials, books, or other resources related to typography or fonts for Web sites? Recommendations are welcome and encouraged!

Typography and Fonts Software

Font Creation or Conversion Software

The font creation, editing, and conversion software below are well received and popular. For tutorials on their use, see's Web Resources Typography Articles, Tutorials, and Books on Typography section.

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Font Management Software Programs, Viewers, Utilities

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Software to Help Identify Fonts

For online font identification tools, see Online Tools to Help Identify Fonts below.

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Online Font Tools

Online Tools to Help Identify Fonts

Have a graphic, logo or other sample of a font but don't know what it's called? Check one of these sites to help. See also Software to Help Identify Fonts above.

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Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform Font References, Online Font Charts, Information

The sites listed below provide surveys and survey results, listings of fonts supplied with various software and operating systems, and other related information to help you learn about what fonts are being used and how they're rendered cross-platform and cross-browser. This information can then help you choose appropriate fonts that work well for your Web site typography needs.

See also the CSS section, Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform CSS Font Issues and Solutions, for tutorials on how to implement fonts for your Web site.

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See also's Web Site Resources Tools for links to fonts-related programs and utilities, and more helpful tools related to Web design and development.

Printed Font References, Font Charts

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