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Typography Tutorials, Articles, and Books

The Typography Articles and Tutorials section includes annotated links to helpful articles and tutorials on Web site typography, such as choosing fonts for Web sites, accessible typography, readability, white space, CSS typography techniques, design and typography for Web sites, and image replacement techniques (IFR, sIFR, swfIR, others) with CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. You'll also find articles, tutorials on font design and creation, and short reviews of recommended books on typography, fonts, and lettering.

Do you know of some good typography articles, tutorials, books, or other resources related to typography or fonts for Web sites? Recommendations are welcome and encouraged!

Books on Typography and Design
Recommended by

  •  Avant-Garde Page Design 1900-1950, by Jaroslav Andel. Delano (6-2001) 
  • Book cover: Logo Font & Lettering Bible, by Leslie Cabarga. 
  • Thinking with Type. by Ellen Lupton 
  • Great Web Typography, by Wendy Peck; Wiley Publishers 2003.
  •  Cover: The Elements of Typographic Style, by Robert Bringhurst 
  •  New Typographic Design, by Roger Fawcett-Tang. Yale Univ. Press (5-21-2007) 
  •  Cover - Design with Type. by Carl Dair. University of Toronto Press (June 14, 2000). 
  • The The Non-Designer's Type Book, 2nd Ed., By Robin Williams. Peachpit (9-22-2005).

Read short reviews and find more book recommendations on Web site-related topics in our Recommended Books, Software section!

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Articles and Tutorials on Typography in General

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Articles and Tutorials on Web Site Typography

Choosing Fonts for Web Sites

As you probably know, reading on-screen is quite different from reading print, so your font choices are necessarily different as well. The articles, tutorials below provide helpful insight to help you determine appropriate fonts for your Web sites. You'll find information on readability, usability, accessibility, line length, and more.

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Accessibility and Typography

See also Accessibility Tutorials, Resources, and Books for helpful articles, tutorials, and more on accessible Web sites.

Readability, White Space, and Typography

Line height, line length, letter spacing, margins, and the use of white space can make a huge difference in readability and an aesthetically pleasing layout and design.

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CSS, Typography, and CSS Typography Techniques

Design and Typography for Web Sites

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Image Replacement Techniques

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Font Design and Creation Articles, Tutorials

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Recommended Books on Typography

Also Recommended on Typography
  •  Type Addicted (The New Trend of a to Z Typo-Graphics). By Victionary (12-7-2007) 
  • Typography 28- The Annual of the Type Directors Club. by Emily Oberman. Collins Design (12-26-2007) 
  • Exploring Typography (Design Exploration Series), by Tova Rabinowitz. OnWord Press (2-21-2006).
  • Book cover: The Complete Manual of Typography, By Jim Felici. Adobe Press (10-06-2002). 
  • Great Web Typography, by Wendy Peck; Wiley Publishers 2003.
  • The The Non-Designer's Type Book, 2nd Ed., By Robin Williams. Peachpit (9-22-2005).

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